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Applications for Air Filtration Technologies

Automotive —Air filters are required for many of the processes in the production of automobiles, including HEPA air filtration for paint application, fluid filtration for coatings, solvents, oils and deionized water, and molecular filtration for breathing air supply and VOC abatement. Download the brochure to learn more.

Bio-pharmaceutical — Bio-pharmaceutical research and manufacturing involves the maintenance of sterile environments to eliminate exposure of products to viable and non-viable contamination. Air filtration is playing an important role in this growing industry. Learn more about air filtration in the bio-pharmaceutical market by downloading this brochure.

Hospitals - “I am sure happy we switched to Air Filter Systems, Inc. several years ago,” says Gary Fowler, Facilities Director for Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. “Air Filter Systems helped us select the best products for our applications, and further designed and helped implement a customized “Planned Maintenance” filter program which enabled us to achieve the absolute lowest cost of ownership. The results have been phenomenal – dramatically reducing our costs for material, labor, disposal, and energy - while actually improving the air quality in our facility!”

“Now Air Filter Systems is installing UVC systems in all our air handling equipment to clean the coils, which will make sure our equipment is operating at peak efficiency, further reducing energy usage and maintenance costs as well.”

“AFSI’s knowledgeable staff and corporate integrity are a great value to us, and we’re happy to have them as a partner in pursuing our mutual goals.”

Microelectronics — The manufacture of microelectronic devices, including microchips and LCD displays, requires extremely clean environments for successful research and development and for manufacturing commercial products. The use of ULPA filters and chemical filters is common in this industry. Download the brochure to learn more.

Museums — Air filtration, including particulate and molecular or chemical filtration, plays an important role in the conservation of museum artifacts. Contaminants in the air can deteriorate the materials which compose items in the collections. Learn more about filtration in museums by downloading this brochure.


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