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Indoor Air Quality Air Products

Low Efficiency Filters

Low Efficiency Filters

Used to filter large particles.

  Medium Efficiency

Medium Efficiency Filters

Used for prefiltration of air.

High Efficiency

High Efficiency Filters

Used for final filtration of air.
  HEPA Systems

HEPA Systems

Used to filter nearly 100% of all particulate contamination.

UV Systems

UVC Systems

Used to inactivate, kill and/or destroy mold, bacteria and their products and contaminants found in most any HVACR system.


  Activeated Media

Carbon & Activated Media

Used to remove chemical contaminants and odors.

Self Contained Commercial Self Contained Commercial Air Cleaners   Glide/Pack Multi-Track 25

HVAC Side-Access Filter Housings and Frames

A side-access housing is capable of accepting a prefilter, an intermediate or carbon filter, and a final filter.

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