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Cleanroom and Medical Products

Very High Efficiency

Very-High Efficiency Filters

Used for filtration of very small particulate in very clean areas and cleanrooms.

  UVC Systems

UVC Systems

Used to inactivate, kill and/or destroy mold, bacteria and their products and contaminants found in most any HVACR system.

Terminal Ducts

Terminal Housings and Fan Powered Units

For mounting of HEPA and ULPA filters in ceilings or walls.

  HEPA ULPA Filter Housings

HEPA and UPLA Filter Housings

For HEPA or ULPA Filter installations in HVAC systems.

Wall Mounted Air Cleaner

Portable, Wall, Ceiling and Ducted Patient Isolation Systems

Air purification systems designed to remove airborne pathogens from air in a patient room or exhausting from a patient room.


Containment Systems

Used for the removal of hazardous substances from ambient air and containment of the captured substances until disposal.

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