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Replacement Filter Products For HVAC, Paint Booth, and Industrial Applications

Camfil Logo

HVAC, HEPA & Cleanroom replacement filters, odor control and gas phase filtration products

Fiberbond Logo

Fiberbond Corp.
Polyester media, panel, link, cube and bag replacement filters for HVAC and paint booth applications

Cameron/Great Lakes Logo Cameron/Great Lakes
Odor control and gas phase filtration products including adsorbers, bulk activated carbon, zeolite, permanganate, etc.; Carbon regeneration service
Airsan Logo Airsan Corporation
Replacement filter elements for engines, compressors and industrial ventilation; permanent pad holding frames, cleanable panel filters and grease extractors for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods
IFM Logo Industrial Filter Mfg. (IFM)
Industrial air intake filters and silencers, in-line air/gas filters, replacement elements for compressors, blowers, engines and turbines; pressure vessel filters and mist eliminators


Engineered Products for HVAC/IAQ Filtration, Containment, Cleanroom Filtration and Industrial Applications

Camfil Logo

HVAC filtration systems, carbon filtration systems, cleanroom filters and components, "Bag-in/Bag-out" containment filtration systems for critical and hazardous applications, and dust and oil mist collection systems

UV Resources Logo

UV Resources
UVC germicidal light equipment specifically designed for use in HVAC systems to keep coils and drain pans clean, in-activate dangerous organisms, and help protect buildings from attack; Replacement lamps and parts for virtually all manufacturers.

Trion Logo Trion, Inc.
Commercial / Industrial Electronic air cleaning systems; self-contained package industrial air cleaners for control of dust, fumes, smoke and oil mist; commercial kitchen hood exhaust filtration systems
Honeywell Logo Honeywell Clean Air Products Division
"Enviracare" self-contained package commercial air cleaners for IAQ control in restaurants, schools and any commercial application
Clean Rooms Int. Logo Clean Rooms International
Fan powered HEPA terminal modules, fan cabinets, work stations, air showers, clean benches, complete softwall and hardwall rooms, turn-key construction, design assistance   
Aeromed Logo

Air Purifiers, HEPA exhaust filter units, and Room Pressure Monitors for Healthcare Infection Control Engineering. In addition, Aeromed SafeMail products are designed to protect employees from biological pathogens which may be contained within the mail.

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