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Camfil air filter hardware has long been known as the best in the industry. Their sturdy design, attention to detail, and minimized leak rates provide top performance with quality and durability.

Pharmaseal® Ducted Ceiling Module Pharmaseal® Ducted Ceiling Module

The Camfil Pharmaseal® provides cleanroom level air filtration for pharmaceutical or biotechnology facilities as well as any other facility where clean space is a manufacturing or health-related requirement.

Its unique room side replaceable filter design minimizes downtime and ensures repeatable room cleanliness following filter service.


Megalam® Terminal Diffuser Megalam® Terminal Diffuser

Light weight, compact, ducted filter module with lower pressure drop and lower life cycle cost.

The Camfil Megalam® Terminal Diffuser module is ideal for applications where clean air is a requirement to protect products, people, and the environment.

Pharmaseal® FFU

Pharmaseal® FFU

The Pharmaseal FFU is the first product designed and tested to meet the Life Science industry certification factory and field aerosol testing requirements. The ceiling module provides energy efficient powered clean room level air filtration. Its unique room side replaceable filter and aerosol injection system design minimizes downtime and ensures repeatable consistent certification while still utilizing the features and benefits of the Pharmaseal, the industry’s leading terminal housing.

The Pharmaseal FFU incorporates electronically commutated (EC) fan technology for greater energy efficiency.

Pharmaseal® Exhaust Housing Pharmaseal® Exhaust Housing

The Pharmaseal® exhaust housing is a simple, yet highly effective solution for exhaust and recirculation applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities, hospitals, surgical suites, neonatal care units, animal labs, sterile manufacturing areas and the food processing and packaging areas.

The Pharmaseal allows a maintenance friendly filter change from within the room, through a removable stainless steel filter face grille.

Slimline Ducted Ceiling Module Slimline Ducted Ceiling Module

Service convenience and leak-free integrity in a robust clean room filter module.

The Camfil Slimline Series 41 Ducted Ceiling Module is ideal for applications where minimal installation space is available and ultra clean air is a requirement.

Fan Filter

SAM® Fan Filter Units

SAM Fan Filter Units from CleanRooms International are self-contained, motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters.

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